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A Lake St Clair Tiger Musky
Tiger Musky
On August 15th 2007 my father Jerry Kunnath caught this TIGER MUSKY while casting
with me on Michigan's Lake St Clair.    A tiger musky is a hybrid cross between a pike
and a musky. They are often bred in a fish hatchery and stocked in lakes for sport
fishing. However it is EXTREMELY rare to happen naturally in the wild. There are no
musky stockings in Lake St Clair and this fish is 100% wild. At this time is this only
one of two verified photos of tiger muskies caught in Lake St Clair.In my time as a
musky guide on Lake St Clair I have never witnessed anything like this. Even with a
lake that has as many musky and thousands of musky anglers as Lake St Clair there
are only a few reported cases of one ever being caught.  It hit a top water bait on the
surface in 16 ft of water. It exploded on the surface and came half out of the water like
a missle as my dad watched. For a musky fisherman getting a natural tiger musky like
this it is a catch of a lifetime. It was caught and quickly released to grow larger and
give another musky fisherman the chance at a trophy wild tiger musky on Lake St Clair.
Photo of stripes over the back
Close up of the Tiger Muskies emerald
green sides
Less pointed tail and SPOTS
This is an example of typical normal
Lake St Clair Great Lakes Spotted
Musky - this fish was caught in same
place 1-2 hours after the Tiger Musky.
Reddish tail with no spots,no stripes
just spots, and brown,tan and cream
colored features.
Click on the images below to view larger version
Musky/Pike Idnetification
A second photo of a Verified Lake St Clair Tiger Musky.
Photo Courtesy of Kirk Cleland
Click to enlarge image

This Tiger Musky was caught by angler Kirk Cleland while fishing with friend and fellow
Michigan Ontario Musky Club (MOMC) member Captain Jason Krupsky aboard his boat
Blaze of Glory on Saturday, July 14th 2007. They were trolling around midlake when the
fish hit a Ziggy Black Perch on a down rod with 10oz 10ft back from the boat. It made a
pretty good run before we were able to net it. The fish was approx 36 inches in length.  
Kirk Cleland said he  must give the credit for the catch to Jason Krupsky as he is the man
that does all of the legwork and research and I was just lucky enough to be the one to
fight the fish.
Lake St Clair Musky Casting  

I have moved to Montana as of 3/23/09 and no longer guiding in Michigan.
If interested in casting for  Lake St Clair musky check the
guides page for
a listing of recommended guides.