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lake st clair musky fishing
Casting For Musky On Lake St Clair With
Charter Captain And Guide Steve Kunnath
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Lake St Clair Musky Fishing
Lake St Clair Musky Map / GPS cord. with
informational Packet
Limited to 100 copies

  • 20 prime Lake St Clair musky casting and jigging locations
    drawn in with color on a Lake St Clair Hot Spots map
  • Full GPS coordinates for each location. 7 pages of single
    spaced typed information. Each numbered spot has detailed
    information on how and when (time of year) to fish each area. As
    well as what lures work best there.

Prime fishing starts in June and is great well into end of November.

Six of the twenty musky locations I have listed are in the traditional Anchor
Bay. The other fourteen areas are in the St Clair River/Delta, and throughout
the main lake all the way to the start of the Detroit River.  A few of these spots
are what I have referred to in the past only as “out in the main lake.” Some of
them are isolated spots far from shore,very close to shore in spots easy/safe
to reach by small boat, or in secluded areas that get little or no pressure from
musky fisherman. These main lake spots are where a vast majority of my
clients have caught their trophy musky.  I have kept the details about these
areas quiet until now. I am no longer guiding and offering these spots to you.
Most of these spots are not found listed anywhere else. Whether your a
beginner or are very experienced at casting for Lake St Clair musky this
packet will dramatically benefit your musky fishing. All the areas on the musky
packet are within American waters. For the price of 10 musky lures you get
what took me 15 years and thousands of hours to obtain.  One of the most
difficult parts of musky fishing on St Clair is finding the KEY spots on 420
square miles of water. 5% of the lake holds 90% of the trophy fish.
 I am only selling 100 copies. When they are gone, that’s IT! Get yours now
while they last or before I come to my senses and change my mind ;).

$149.00 per packet
$6.00 shipping/handling
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