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lake st clair musky fishing
Casting For Musky On Lake St Clair With
Charter Captain And Guide Steve Kunnath
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Lake St Clair Musky Fishing

I am so glad that I got your map of LSC because a couple of weeks ago my friend and I were
attending a MI Musky Alliance outing on LSC and we went to one of your spots marked on the map.  
We were not on the water one hour when he hit a big musky.  We were able to land the fish and it
was 50" long and 35 pounds and just a beauty.  Your map and informational packet have been so
helpful to me. I have learned so much about the lake quickly and the map has reduced my learning
curve of the lake tremendously.  The GPS locations are great and they immediately put me on great
spots to fish.  Thanks again!"

Ed A.